Sunday, April 7, 2013

Call me maybe...

 I just finished Beth Moore's book on the life of Paul. Its called "To Live is Christ" and is one of the most incredible book i've ever read. I just can't get over how much it touched my life and how much I learned from this book. I recommend everyone to read it. However, one of the biggest things I learned from this book was his confirmations on the calling on my life, our lives.

Like Paul, God had a specific purpose for him. He was the vessel in which God used to share the Gospel to the Gentiles. God called Paul to share the amazing news of the gospel and to suffer in the name of Christ. Paul certainly did but he was also the most joyful person in the bible amongst his suffering. How incredible is that?!

After reading this book, it became very apparent to me that the Lord does have a specific calling on my life, our lives as Christians. As Christians we are all called to share the gospel. God, however, equips us all in different ways.

One of my all time favorite stories is about Moses. God called Moses to lead His chosen people out of Egypt and into the promise land. Yes, I do love that story in general but I love, even more, the fact that Moses was called to lead these people, to speak to them, yet he had a speech impediment! (Exodus 4:10) God still used him! 

Ever since I was little I have had such a passion for writing. I loved creating stories and dreaming. Oh how I loved to dream, and still do. It wasn't until recently that the Lord really touched my heart in a specific way. He planted a small flame in my heart and as the years grew so did the passion. He called me to share, to speak, to write. I realized I wanted to speak my freshman year of college. Haha I remember thinking to myself how easy this was going to be! God put this passion in my heart, right?! I was gonna be a pro! WRONG! All I remember from the first time I spoke was how incredibly nervous I was. I'm pretty sure I was shaking the whole time. Although I got very positive feedback after I spoke, it was still terrifying. I was shocked I actually made sense. I knew it had to be God who spoke through me, it certainly wasn't me! After this first time speaking I actually changed majors in college and tried to run away from it all together, that's how scared I was!! Crazy right? Well the new major I ran too actually turned into a major bust (hahaha pun!!) and brought me back to square one.... speaking.

Although, at the present moment, I feel more comfortable writing, I still day dream all the time about my chance to be a Beth Moore and speak in front of a huge group of people and share what the Lord has shared with me.

So with this all being said, I wanted to just list a few points that the Lord has taught and proven to me over the years that has really encouraged and helped me during this growing and learning:

1. We all have individual callings.
I believe that we have one major calling as Christians, to share the gospel and love of Christ, yet I believe that God has us specifically equipped to share in many different forms. We are all apart of the Body of Christ! So many different parts make up one body. So it makes sense that God uses us differently to reach different groups of people with one story.

2. Don't give into comparison.
Kind of going off the first point. We all have different callings, we aren't all going to live the same lives or have the same experiences. Just because a friend feels called to do full time missions over seas doesn't mean that your calling to share the gospel with people in your neighborhood, or to children at church, is any less of a calling. We are not all called to be Paul. Paul was called to be Paul. Just because you aren't doing this or your life doesn't look "christian" enough doesn't mean that you are any less important. God is using all of us specifically. Whether to impact a group of people or a few individuals. We are all God's children and we are all equally important in his eyes.

3. Be encouraged not discouraged when Satan tries to mess you up!
This is a big one for me. Especially with speaking, I have a huge insecurity of speaking and fear that I am going to mess up... let me tell you. When you are sharing the Gospel, God wont let you mess up. Even when you don't think you made any sense, trust that God is in control. He will make sense for you! Satan likes to trip us up with his lies that feed our fears and insecurities. We have to stand strong and not give into those! NOPE! NOT GONNA DO IT! God is so much bigger than that! Satan flees at the name of Jesus! But be encouraged! If Satan is working hard to try and mess you up, you are a threat! If you are a threat to Satan, God MUST be doing good through you!

4. Be BOLD!
This is a very new point i've learned to lean on. Just like with Satan trying to attack us when we are working for His kingdom and a threat, the world is going to do the same thing. God is not of this world, his whole love and purpose are so different and doesn't make sense to the world; it looks wrong. If what the Lord did made sense to the world, it would blend in... From the stories in the bible... God isn't really a blend in the back ground kind of guy! So when you are following what God wants you to do, just know it will probably look really different and crazy to the world... but that's the point! People listen and pay attention to things out of the ordinary. God is very Extraordinary!

5. God will give you strength
Lastly, lean and trust on the Lord's strength. He knows what he is doing. The toughest thing for me is when I see the Lord place a calling on someone's life and the people that that person is closet too have a hard time accepting what the person is doing. Just imagine Mary.... how do you think her parent's reacted when she, a virgin about to be married, told them she was pregnant with the Son of God, the coming Messiah! We believe it because we know its true because of the bible, but I bet that was beyond difficult for her family. Similar to Mary, the lord provided Elizabeth, her cousin, for support and trust. God will provide for you too! Just be strong in his strength. He knows what he's doing. 

I am so excited to be walking this path, learning daily and growing constantly. I know and have faith that God is refining me to better me for his ultimate plan for me. Despite my fears and doubts, I still trust him. With this I want to encourage the same for you all. God has an amazing plan for all of us, we just have to give him control of the wheel and buckle our seat belts for the journey!

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