Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pigskin and floats and football... Oh my!

Happy Homecoming from Baylor!

Homecoming weekend is definitely one most people look forward too at Baylor. It is, however, the most exhausting weekend of the year! Pigskin review, Breakfasts, Floats, Parade, Football, so many smiles and sugar and absolutely no sleep. Although I am so happy it is over, I am also sad. I am definitely so blessed to have been able to spend this weekend with such an amazing group of friends!
Here are a few pics:

 My Sweet Twin. Before the 1st Pigskin performance.
 Brownies Represent!
 Sweet Friends
 Me and my wonderful mom
 My big at Homecoming Breakfast!
 Class B Winners for Float
My Best Friend :)

"The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace."
- Psalm 29:11

After such a fun but tiring weekend it is definitely tough to just jump back into the reality of school and tests and papers. I read this verse, psalm 29:11, this morning and was completely filled with peace. With so much going on, there was no time to even think about school this weekend and staring at a week filled with 3 major tests and a project, stress definitely consumes your thoughts quickly. 

The Lord is really teaching me a lesson in taking things one at a time instead of trying to take on the big picture at once. When we try to deal with everything we have to do at once, the weight of it will start pushing us down. We can't handle it all on our own, we have to just surrender all those stresses and fears and worries to the lord and take it all one thing at a time as it comes. 

Everything always works out for the best, no need to stress when he is in full control. 

So no matter what stresses are weighing you down, just take a deep breath and know he has it all under control. 


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