Friday, December 2, 2011

His Princess, His Precious Daughter

Day two post from the book 'His Princess, Love Letters from Your King' by Sheri Rose Shepherd.

My Princess, You are my Precious Daughter

You are a daughter of the King, and not just any king. You are My Daughter, and I am the God of all Heaven and earth. I'm delighted with you! You are the apple of my eye. You're Daddy's girl. Your earthly father may love and adore you, but his love is not perfect, no matter how great - or small- it is. Only my love is perfect... because I am Love. I formed your body. I fashioned your mind and soul. I know your personality, and I understand your needs and desires. I see your heartaches and disappointments, and I love you passionately and patiently. My child, I bought you with a price so that we could have an intimate relationship together for all eternity. Soon we will see each other face-to-face -Father and daughter- and you will experience the wonderful place I have prepared for you in paradise. Until then, fix your eyes on heaven, and walk closely with Me. You will know that - although I am God - My arms are not too big to hold you, My beloved daughter.
                 Your King and Your Daddy in Heaven

"And I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty"
                - 2 Corinthians 6:18

How absolutely amazing is this? It is such a sweet reminder of God's absolute and unconditional love for us. I think that through out our day to day lives are we see the personal love we have between friends and families and materials and we automatically attribute that with the Love that God has for us. However the love that we are exposed too everyday is an emotional rollar coaster. We get let down, broken, hurt and disappointed constantly. We learn that we can't rely our expectations on people because they are going to let you down eventually. I think that sometimes we place this learned idea on how God loves us but that is so untrue. God wont let us down, he wont break our hearts or turn his back on us! Reading this letter completely melted my heart. Most of us aren't reminded of love like this on a day to day basis like we should but its there. He is there. Just hold tight to him no matter what is going on. He loves us. He love you!


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