Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 1: The Little Things

"Welcome To Justice!"

I have been working at Justice as a part time job while I go to college to help with bills and the expenses of living. I absolutely love working there or at least saying I work there. Some days are upbeat and fun and the shifts tend to fly by.... but usually the days are pretty slow and mundane. Being stuck at the cash rap, always organizing clothes, freight, dealing with customers and kids all day.... can be very exhausting. 99% of the time I come home absolutely covered in glitter and beyond exhausted.

That being said, I woke up this morning and knew this was my first challenge! Saturday shifts are very testy and I was so ready to take on the day! Before even starting, I spent some time with the Lord, while drinking my morning cup of coffee, and he gave me a great verse:
"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped" -Psalm 28:7
I was so encouraged by this verse. The Lord will give me strength and help when I need him, especially in the trying times... just like at work. 

I had such a great day today! I not only got to work with some absolutely amazing and uplifting people, but just felt the lord in everything I did. I was able to serve the people coming in today and experienced the greatest joy! I was reminded of the pure joy of the innocence of children today. 

This one little girl was shopping with her mom and older sister this afternoon. I went up to her mother and asked if there was anything she needed help with this afternoon. The mom was so sweet and kindly said she was fine. Just then, her smallest daughter came up to me, as if I were her good friend, and started telling me all about this toy she was going to buy in the store. She wanted me to follow her around and listen to her comment on all of the interesting and "super cools" things in the store. 

That little moment was just enough to keep a smile on my face for the rest of the day. This little girl found so much joy and happiness out of the smallest things in the store and couldn't wait to tell me ALL about it. 

I feel as though, this was a great reminder to just sit back and not take the little things for granted. Children find so much happiness and joy out of the simplest things and the world is amazed by it. I think we are just way too wrapped up in our day to day lives and forget that child like amazement we have buried deep down some where. Kids live in the now. They don't really worry about what is going to happen a week, month or even a year down the road. They focus on the things right in front of them and invest their love and happiness in that and that alone. I think we can all learn from this and just slow down and not be afraid to get excited about the things the lord puts in our lives, no matter how big or small or for how long. Live in the moments we have now, we aren't promised tomorrow or the days that follow. Enjoy the little things the lord blesses us with each day!

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