Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Go, live your dream! "

Today is the release of my now all time favorite Disney movie... 

I am somewhat obsessed.I feel like I not only relate to Rapunzel because of her long blond hair but she has the greatest adventure. I am not embarrassed. I will admit it. I want my life to be JUST LIKE HERS!

People say all the time that Fairy Tales are make believe. Its wrong to fill the heads so many kids with the fantasies and make believe worlds. There is no such thing as prince charming. Not every girl can be a princess.

Think about it.... From the view point of the world that statement seems completely valid. Literally, every girl can't be a princess right?  

"...He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings!"- Revelation 17:14

We are all children of the lord. "So God created man in his own image"- Genesis 1:27 If God is King of all Kings and as daughters of the king, doesn't that ultimately make us princesses?
 Think about it? How awesome is that. We are princesses to the greatest king of all! 

I like to step back and just imagine my life as a Princess of Christ. My life is a fairy tale of sorts. All of our lives are. In Tangled. Rapunzel sets off on an awesome adventure, following her dream. Along the way she grows, is tested, meets her "prince charming" and faces hardships and trails but in the end everything works out. God has an adventure planned for our life. Through this walk and this journey we will face hardships and trials. We will learn and be built stronger. God will put dreams and goals on our hearts to run after! God will place people in our lives for good and bad, friends and even that one prince charming. Ultimately in the end We all live happily ever after. 

Don't let the world crush the idea of life as a fairy tale because it is so possible. As daughters and sons of the greatest dad EVER, we have our own stories to live out and to share. 

Disney fairy tales are so inspiring because they allow us to leave the evils of the real world and enter one of pure happiness, love and joy. The coolest part? That world is all real through Christ. We are all sent out on our own adventures to live out the story that God has planned for us. (with less spontaneous song and dance of course)

"The dreams you see with your heart and mind are key to the world you wish to find"- Tangled


Sail East said...

So true

Michelle D said...

I just reread this post Hannah and I just want to say you are such an amazing Princess of the King! God is doing great things through you and through your writing, I'm so blessed to know you! Love you sweet girl!