Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Through it all

Good morning beautiful friends :)

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I posted last. 

Can I be honest with y'all? These past few months have been really tough. There have been good days and bad ones but all in all its just been tough.

Stick with me for a few sentences here. Trust me I have a point. Have you ever been walking through your house and then all of a sudden you stub your toe on the corner of the table, couch leg or chair? Darn those furniture pieces that just, out of nowhere, jump in front of you! Have you ever had those days where you do it multiple times? Ah! Makes me cringe just thinking about it! You know, those days where you just can't seem to catch a break and the last thing you need is one more push, tug or bump to trip over.

For those of you who can relate to this or for those of you who may be in a similar boat as me, I want to share a sweet blessing with you today. 

A few weeks ago, after i'd metaphorically stubbed my toe a few times that day, I felt I had hit a very low point. I felt very defeated and just exhausted. I felt like I could not catch a break. Not really knowing what else to do, I sat down, turned on my Spotify playlist and hit shuffle. This song came on. I had never heard it before this moment and was immediately captivated. 

As I listened to the lyrics, I began feeling the literal heaviness of my day. I physically could not hold it any longer and fell to my knees from the weight. Then, the most incredible thing happened. I felt the nudge of our loving Heavenly Father to just let go and release it all to Him. I was hesitant at first but eventually just surrendered, opening my arms up to Him. Guess what!? He took it from me! He took the weight, the pain, the hurts, the exhaustion. 

The song was just about 3 minutes in when, with the emptiness of the load, I felt the surge of The Holy Spirit. Y'all, the Lord heard my heart's cry and came to me where I was. He met me in my pain and hurt and not only took it all away, but replaced it with his incredible magnificent healing loving holy righteous Spirit. He provided the strength I needed. Tears streamed from my eyes, as I could do the only thing that comes naturally, worship our Creator. 

I pray, with my whole heart, that this song is the saving grace you need. I pray that the Lord meets you where you are, takes away your hurts and loves on you like the child of the King you are! I pray that for the duration of this song, you find the rest your soul needs, wrapped in His arms. I pray that you feel empathy from your greatest love as you are not alone and are cared for and loved beyond what you could ever fathom. Most of all, I pray that, in the few minutes of this song, you are intensely reminded of your value and worth in the Kingdom of God. 

"Be still and know that I am God"
-Psalm 46:10