Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Beyond the Temptations of Grey

50 Shades of Grey.  

Throughout these past weeks I have heard many girls whisper about the temptations of curiosity of what to see this movie. Oh how my heart weighs so heavy that a movie like this is coming out! 
 As I have seen many cries out to married women on this subject, my heart turns to those in the pre- process of that journey, those who are engaged or will one day hope to be engaged.

Dear sweet sister, 

I am so sorry that we are fighting this battle today. I am so sorry that we live in a society that not only condones sex but promotes it constantly. We live in a time where we are forced to actively push against the flow of the majority in order to stand firm in our beliefs, that tend to be the minority. We are bombarded constantly from every side, "Sex is no big deal"or " Sex is terrible, taboo." I can see where confusion is bound to come in! I just wanted to encourage you when temptation and confusion pulls strong at your precious heart. Understand that sex is beautiful as it is a gift given from our Almighty creator (Genesis 2:24). However, know that the enemy has interjected his poison into this world, birthing the idea of the nonchalant sex we see on our day to day. 

Sister in Christ, please, I beg of you, do not go see this movie! Do not let your "curiosity" get the best of you, to follow the bandwagon and see what the hype is all about. Don't let the enemy's voice seep in and sugarcoat a lie that you know is a lie. Don't put yourself in a vulnerable position and pollute your mind with false expectations. From a woman who has been married for almost a year please listen when I say sex is worth the wait! Sex is physical, yes, but it is also mental, if not more so! I remember the strength of the temptation when I was engaged. I remember how strongly Satan pulled on my heart to "bend the rules." But know, God created the institution of marriage as well as the act of physicality between a husband and a wife. It is a wonderful gift in establishing a covenant. Understand that this movie is as far away from that gift as you can get! Sex isn't glamorous, it doesn't feel "wonderful" at first, it takes a lot of patience, practice and learning. But that is why it is so wonderful. It is a bond that is experienced, established and maintained between a man and his wife, only! It is indescribable.

Stand strong and know how absolutely precious you are! You are a daughter of the King, you deserve only the best of jewels. God created you to be treated like royalty, not to be taken advantage of physically, mentally or emotionally. Sex is an act, equalizing two as one, not one over the other. Guard your heart and your mind from the ideas in this movie and save the experience for you and your future husband. Sex different for everyone but perfect in its place. Seeing this movie is wrong. It is sinful. Even though God is forgiving and merciful, we still deal with consequences of our actions. Give the gift of the purity of your heart to your husband on your wedding night. No matter where you have been or what you have done, the blood of our savior is more than enough to make you as pure as gold! So please believe me as I say again, sex is beyond worth the wait. God is sovereign, He will bless your faithfulness, always! 

So, take pride in your lineage as a daughter of the King and stand firm against the majority with this movie! Be different and proclaim the incredible name of our Jesus! We are living in a dark world. Let Christ be the light in you that illuminates the way to bring others home. Let us love, not condemn and make a bold stand in his Holy name! 

A fellow sister in Christ.

I am linking a wonderful blog I have seen floating around Facebook that I thought was a wonderful jolt of hard truth believers need to read! please check it out!

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