Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rules of Engagement. Introduction.

  It has been almost 3 months now. Engagement... wow. I still can't believe it. There are days I catch myself looking at my hand trying to grasp the reality of a dream come true! I'm getting married! what?!

As I love to write, I also love to research and find other's opinions and documented experiences. Through out the months past I have read countless blogs and articles that talk about marriage, being married and all the in between! These writings have definitely blessed me with good biblical advice and knowledge on.....well... marriage. As I was very grateful for this, I was and still am curious about the before.. the season i'm in .... the engagement season. There aren't very many blogs or articles talking about this pre-season of marriage ( that I have found). For months I searched and searched until it finally hit me, why not write one myself?! The lord placed this on my heart a few weeks ago and the urge has only grown stronger and stronger since.

So I guess this is the intro to my mini series on the pre-season of being engaged. This series is not to brag about showers and wedding planning but to share struggles, joys, temptations and experiences the Lord has shared to us ( my fiancé and I ) during this time. I know I don't have all the answers and am learning as I go, but I believe that the Lord is teaching during these pre-months to better  and prepare us as future husband and wife for when we finally make our covenant.

I pray that God is glorified and speaks through these next group of posts.


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